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Bargain Sale as Charitable Gift

August 19, 2011

Bargain Sale as Charitable Gift


A bargain sale is a sale of property to charity at a bargain price; that is, for less than the property’s fair market value. The tax code treats a bargain sale to charity as if it consists of two separate transactions: a sale and a charitable contribution.

  • A desire to donate to charity
  • An asset to sell to charity

Key Strengths

  • Provides income tax deduction
  • Allows you to recover all or part of your original investment in an asset
  • Minimizes out-of-pocket cost of a charitable contribution
  • Reduces potential federal estate tax liability

Key Tradeoffs

  • Requires irrevocable commitment
  • Requires you to pay income tax on your share of the bargain sale asset’s appreciation

Variations from State to State

  • None

How Is It Implemented?

  • Select a charity
  • Select an asset to sell to charity
  • Document your intent to make a gift
  • Report any gain on your income tax return

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